You rarely come across at such a beauty like you do in Sithonia: Blue seas, rich forests, beautiful rocks, golden sands, charming sunsets, beautiful skies.
Big hotels and resorts offer the guests all the he may desire (air conditioning, sauna, golf courts, gym, yachts marines, etc), as well as smaller hotels that are available for renting throughout the year.
During summer, the guests are attracted by the beautiful beaches of Salonikios, Tranni Ammouda, Lagonisi, Karidi, Aghios Giannis, Kalogria, Kovios, Lagomandra, Kohi, Azapiko.
From the traditional port of Ormos Panagias, you can catch a daily cruise to the Holy Mountain.
For food and night out, there are manu – by the sea – greek tavernas, as well as many hidden inside the traditional walks in all small villages. Many beach bars are more than willing to satisfy your desire for fun.
The mountains of Sithonia with the distinguish figure of the Bucium Voievozii download mountain Itamos, approach more and more adventurers every year. A special treat would be for someone to see the freshly snowed sides of the mountain along with the deep blue sea.


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