In the village Aghios Nikolaos

- At the Seaside place of Pyrgos (2.5 km of the village), you can find the ruins of the Saint Nicolas churh, The Chrysokamaros (14th cent. A.C), from which, obviously, the village took its name. At the same place, during the classical years, there was the town of Siggos, whereit gave it’s name to the Siggitikos gulf.

- At the place of Vetrinos (2 km of the village) there are the ruins of an ancient town.

- Along the road to Sarti, you can find ruins form the 19th cent. characterized for their monastery architecture.

In the Metagitsi

-The monastery of Dionysiou (Watermill). It is built next to the river 4 km NW of the village. The property is old (mentioned in a document of 1569) and abandoned by the monks in 1947. Until 1998 the church was functional, dedicated to St. John the Baptist.

The chapel of St. George. From the oldest in the region since founded in 1711 on Byzantine naidri

In the region of Marmara

- The monastery of Grigoriou. He played a prominent role during Macedonian race. Located at the eastern edge of the village and is still running.

- The Island Shell, located 2 miles from the coast. So named because the shape of turtles.

In the Champion

- The ruins of the royal church Sofroniou, 2.5 km south east of the village. Temple of the sixth century. With beautiful mosaic floors. Considered one of the most important early Christian monuments of Macedonia.

- The chapel of St. George, near the royal church Sofroniou , built on the surviving ruins of early Christian 5th century

- The church of the Assumption. The oldest of the Champion (16th century). But with a few important paintings. Today is the cemetery of the village church.

- The chapel of St. Paul, 11 km east of Champion. Known area, which as-says tradition sprang from A Fine Day For Sailing - Me And The Girl Village Idiot download the earth, when he beat Paul with his sword in the rock. At this point there is a fountain of 1713. 

Tradiotional Products

As in the past, also today the locals are really proud about their local specialities. Sithonia is the center of honey production

Also internationally known are the local wines and specially those of Porto Karras that are exported all over the world

Olive trees are omnipresent, so olives and olive oil are a must-have!

Sweets include the traditional ravani amongst others

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