A blessed land placed between the gulfs of Toronaios ans Siggitikos. At the East you can see the Holy Mountain of God, at the West the mount Olympos, the mount of Ancient Gods: old and new blessing together.
A place gifted with rare natural beauties. There is an impressive mix of the blue sea, the golden sand and the green of the land. All these marvelous views encourage the guest to stay and admire the breeze of the sea, the warm sun and reinvent by the naturally beautiful forests.
In our municipality, the present works with the past and prepares for the future. Tranditional  settlements (Parthenon, Nikiti, Aghios Nikolaos) co exist perfectly with modern settlements (Neos Marmaras, Metaghitsi). You can easily wonder along paleological, classical and byzantine  lands and be taken away by the walks in the forests of the mountain Itamos. You can enjoy the cruise along the Holy Mountain, be charmed by the local Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers Rare Bird Alert download customs and cheer and support the competitive swimmers that cross the Toronaios gulf during the July swimming competition. Chat and have fun with the local people and party with all the youngster. 
This place has perspective!

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